Friday, May 9, 2008

Taking Recommendations

The Culprit: Lexmark X4580

The Crime: Being Completely Unreliable

Around New Years we purchased a new Lexmark all-in-one with flatbed scanner and wi-fi. We have replaced it once already and still it continues to be a problem. It will work for a while- then go on the fritz. Having me reload the software again just to get it to work for a day or two.

This week I had a series of "Green" posts lined up and ready to go. So the scanner just won't cooperate. At all.

So anybody have a scanner/printer combination they love. One that will do the job. 'Cause if I see "Cannot retrieve application list" one more time I'm going to scream


pve design said...

HP Photosmart - C4180 - you insert disk and load up photos, so easy.
I own both of these, but take a look at Consumer Digest for the latest.
I like them, but then again, I am not that technically saavy.

Claudia said...

We have an HP C5180 and it works fabulously!!!

Pigtown-Design said...

I think that's the HP model I have, too. Never a problem after a year. Six ink colours, too.

Fifi Flowers said...

HP printers are the BEST as far as I am concerned... I still have my first HP printer (1995)... I own 4 (1 black/white laser, 1 color laser, 1all-in-one and 1 photo printer)... my sideline graphic design business could not function without them.. love their scanners as well, have 2 of those.

mur said...

I have the same model and get the same message all of the time...its the suckiest printer ever.

Anonymous said...