Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hit the Brakes!

My daily route to the bank and post office takes me past a two block area that is a treasure trove of antique stores and consignment shops. About 8 to 10 of them are in this concentrated area. Over the years I have had some great finds out of these shops. So lately they have taken the practice of setting some of their items outside to draw in customers. Dangerous- to me that is!
Yesterday I was driving by heading home when I spotted the corner of an interesting piece through the open door. Hit the brakes and know the rest.
This 1920's mahogany linen press just made it out of a container from Europe. Its going to house the new flat screen TV for our wing back room. Its low enough that we could serve from it during a party and has 2 drawers and movable shelves. Its perfect for us. Can't wait to bring it home!


LondonHIM said...

I think I still want the matching side cabinets for the Chesterfield couch.....(Please tell me NO)

LondonCalling said...

Well...I was thinking they could be the base for the built-in bookshelves we are making. But then we need stainable matching veneer from Allen and Allen and we would HAVE to restain the library ladder darker.

Kwana said...

Sorry London, I can't tell you to restrain youself. This is just too beautiful. I'd be so broke, but well furnished if I had to pass these shops everyday.

LondonCalling said...

Kwana- thank you. I'm going to try to behave. At least for know.

pve design said...


sudden impact, good eyes! the bookshelves could be black and the ladder too.
not that you need any advice.

LondonCalling said...

PVE- eureka! That would work!

Villa Anna said...

Wow it's so gorgeous! Don't ya just love buying pieces of furniture that you can say it just arrived in a container from Europe? What an outstanding find!

Anna :)

My Notting Hill said...

Hi. I was tagged by Carolina Eclectic and, if you're interested, I'm tagging you. I followed CE's A - Z theme. You can see it on my 3/29 post "H is for Hometown".

Anonymous said...