Sunday, March 9, 2008

Exterior Progress!

The day has finally arrived! Exterior paint is making an appearance! It has been a long time coming. When purchased the house had tranzite shingles over the original wooden shingles from 1928. Those were removed. Then the process of abating the lead paint off the original wood began. Professionals taking time and incredible care removing ALL the paint and then caulking all the nail holes and between each of the boards, tedious to be sure. And between weather setbacks and scheduling issues, a process that took far longer than we anticipated.

But now time for some frosting! We have chosen Behr colors for this exterior project. The body of the house will be Hiking Trail. A creamy lighter color called Canoe for the stucco fireplace, fascia, and eaves. Red Hawk for the doors and screens and Chaparral for the Tudor trim and other secondary trim.

I think it will be such a good feeling to see some paint go up and see this Tudor bungalow begin to shine!


pve design said...

Love your color choice. You may decide to do doors in deep dark green or black. (Red is nice too)
You can always decide door as house is painted!

LondonCalling said...

I love a black front door too. Its raining here again this week so we have a little time to tweek the colors. I think we may go a little lighter on the brown (Chaparrel).

Liz said...

Love those colors!

Claudia said...

Great colours!!

Can I ask why you're using Behr?

LondonCalling said...

Actually these are just a jumping off point. We are having some special paint custom mixed by a local speciality paint store. The paint is a primer as well and guaranteed for 75 years I believe.
On the Behr paint-Good point. What brand would you recommend?

Claudia said...

My husband had a painting company when he was in college, and to this day swears by Benjamin Moore, for both interior and exterior.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Love the color scheme. Pls post some before and afters when you are done.

If you want to splurge on the paint for the door, Fine Paints of Europe do some really beautiful highly saturated, shiny colors. They are perfect for a door focal point.

I really want to paint my front doors black with that paint.

Mike said...

Taking lead paint off sounds dangerous. I hope you were careful.