Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tour: A Deco District Beauty


One fine day on a quick jaunt to over to visit the Shady Couple we spotted a sign for an open house at lovely stucco 2 story in right here in the Deco District. The home is charming and rich in architectural details which is why we love this area so much. Beautiful on the outside, it obvious when we stepped through the arched oak front doorway we had found something special that we just had to share with you. Luckily the parties involved graciously allowed us to arrange a time to come back by and photograph this stunning abode.


The home was built in 1928 and has a continental flavor Deco period homes are famous for. San Antonio is full of these little pockets of beautiful vintage houses.


Open sesame... treasures await.


The cast iron planter with majestic palm captures your attention as you enter the foyer. A small sitting area is to the right. Lets take a closer look.


Through the arched entry gorgeous loveseat , artwork and golden silk draperies adorn the nook.


And a charming little luxe chair in the corner.


And living room is to the left.

3 (2)

And oh what a living room it is. Where do I begin. Light fills the space from the generous bank of windows.


Artfully arranged alabaster grapes, an antique crown and beautiful lamp complete this striking vignette.


Those chests are calling to me. Lets take a closer look.


Simply sublime. The shell encrusted chests are just a hint of the homeowner's incredible collection of shells shown throughout the home and grounds. Speaking of the homeowner, by now you are probably wondering about the creator of this fabulous home. I understand from the realtor that he is in merchandising for a national department store. And the consensus of opinion of anyone touring the home while we were there..."He should be a designer!" And I say with a capitol "D".


From this angle we can see a little of where we have been and where we are going as well.


The dining room through another arch. Just past the wrought iron sconces .


The dining room is perfection in my book. I love how the homeowner has carried the same silk draperies through each and every room. Adding to the flow and harmony of the space.



The beauty of symmetry coupled with an antique portrait .


Your teaser picture. My favorite spot in the home. Love the octagon shaped tray ceiling. The antique hanging light fixtures are present throughout the home.



The den: French doors surround the room. And in the corner a bell jar sconce, one of two.






The kitchen with matching chandeliers, granite and antique shutters on the pantry.28

Upstairs to the second floor.


Beautiful french headboard and gilded settee in bedroom one.


Bedroom two with this amazing tortoise daybed and bamboo benches.


Bedroom 3 of 4 with this spectacular wrought iron bed and fireplace (not pictured)33

1 of 2 upstairs bathrooms. Charming original fittings with updated black and white tile.


Let's make our way outside. You won't be disappointed. Trust me.


Did I mention there is a second story rooftop terrace overlooking the garden.


And a serene spot for meditation and reflection.

38 (2) Linen panels in the bays of the garage are such a chic trick. Make it look like an outbuilding rather than a parking spot. Perfect for a quick transformation into a party pavilion.


I want to thank the realtor and homeowner for allowing us to share this Deco District beauty with you. And many thanks to LondonHIM for taking each and every one of the pictures for this post (and many more). I think I see an SLR in your future.

Remember that this home is on the market.

4 bedrooms 3 baths and 2651 square feet. Brokered by

Kuper Sotheby's International realty (800) 584-5400

and Gina Candelario is the listing agent (210) 744-8265 .



pve design said...

...for a moment, I thought I was at another blog who posts gorgeous homes and makes me want to brew a pot of coffee and look at all the details,,,,you know who, right! Love the collections, and the arrangement.

My Notting Hill said...

Beautiful home and great pics. Love that tortoiseshell day bed!

London Calling said...

PVE- Wow, what a complement.

LaurenFaythe said...

So pretty - thanks for sharing! I'm going to go back and spend some more time looking again!

Trouvais said...

Thank you for the great tour...I love the "tortoise shell" bed (great height) and the small bthrm with blk/white floor, About to tackle son's bthrm and am inspired. Trish

cotedetexas said...

My favorite clash lover:
be still my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
soooo gorgeous!!!!! I could move in tomorrow and not move a thing, I swear! and that's saying a lot. those windows! the back yard! the furnishings! the tray ceiling! everything. and I love that huge Mary? on the console. I might have to trade that out for a huge Moses, but other than that! I'm moving in. GORGEOUS!

Maria Killam said...

Wow amazing house, thanks so much for the tour, I feel like I was there!

Anonymous said...

It was Great Fun! And I'll TAKE THE SLR, Thank you, SweetHeart!!

Stucco House said...

Wow! Nice home!

The furniture is elegant to look at. I myself love stucco houses because of its proven strength.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous home. Love all the arches and detail. The decor is delicious.

Lettered Cottage said...

Scrumptious. Simply scrumptious.

Thank you for knockin' my socks off tonight!


for the love of a house said...

Beautiful home! Love all the shells.
Thanks for the tour!

Bernideen said...

Very fun show!

Art and Facts said...

When I grow up, I want my yard to be just like this one!

Fifi Flowers said...

FAB tour! Hope all is well with you!!!

Azura said...

What a beautiful house! :)

*Ulrike* said...

Wow! That is a very beautiful home, and tastefully decorated. All the details makes me want to sit here with my cup of tea and look at each picture again!

ghost chair said...

such a great space! I'd like to see more of a modern touch on the interior, but still great!

Anonymous said...

A lovely stroll through your blog. Have a wonderful day ~ xox Alexandra

Unknown said...

The decorations and the furniture are stunning. They all work together beautifully! But what struck me the most is the jar bell sconce. I'm a big fan of sconces, especially the big ones. They come in all kinds of shapes, and they give a twist to any room's personality. I also love how the light looks elegant when it's directed upwards. That's why I told my Jenks real estate agent to find me one of those for sale houses in Tulsa that has built-in sconces. Wish me luck!

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Briana said...

Those chandeliers in the kitchen are amazing!


Just found your great blog! Lots of things to love in this post...great lamps in the foyer, collection of great shells on the armoire, dining room....Thanks for the tour! Going back for another look!
Hound Hill Design

Anonymous said...


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