Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giving of Thanks

When I used the phrase "the wonder and woe" of the renovation and decoration of our Tudor bungalow, I had little idea of the challenges and obstacles life would throw our way. This year we closed our business and I found a job I love at one of the oldest establishments in the US only to have it fall victim to the economy as well. Needless to say much of our renovations had to be put on hold. And through it all my rock, my shoulder to lean upon has been the immutable LondonHIM.

This weekend was a banner birthday for him and to celebrate I took advantage of his trip to Dallas to help a friend (that's my guy to a tee, generous and helpful to all) to band together an intrepid group of family and friends to tackle our living room ceiling project as a surprise for him. A bead board and beams event....to the rafters and beyond.

A bushel of thanks to all involved. Although there is more to be done, I couldn't have gotten where we are without you. Thank you for helping to honor LH on his special day!

And to the Honoree, Happy Birthday my love. You are more than just my rock, you are my dog walker, my barrista, my sous chef, my dishwasher, my DRIVER, my best friend, my sounding board, my antiquing buddy, my photographer, my mechanic, my handyman, my biggest fan, my advisor, my heart and above all my hero! Thank you for all this and more...for being my everything.