Sunday, January 20, 2008

Calling loudly...

I am seriously loving this!
The kitchen is supreme but I am really crazy about those bin pulls. They are not like any I've seen before. Note the different sizes. I especially love the tiny fingertip size on the doors!
Found this looking though the "The English Home" magazine. Cabinetry from The New England Kitchen line by Mark Wilkinson.
He has showrooms in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Connecticut on this side of the pond.
Catalog requests made available on the website.
We're keeping the original top cabinets in the kitchen but these would be stellar for the new bottom cabinets and those pulls are a must! (If I can just convince HIM.)


Anonymous said...

"HIM" relents; replies "Make It So!"

Pink Wallpaper said...

very cool kitchen. thanks for visiting my blog and i hope you find a great front door!

London Calling said...

Pink Wallpaper, thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the great source!