Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sail in to Summer

image via House Beautiful

Wouldn't I love to "Sail" into Summer with the gorgeous chandelier in my wake. This dreamy dining room is the design of Alessandra Branca. Love the light, whimsical layers she uses to complete this room. Details like slipcovers on the dining chairs and trim on the drapery don't seem heavy at all. I bet all dining is fun under the ship shaped chandy!


Fifi Flowers said...

That is a FUN chandelier! I have to show that to a few people I know would ADORE it! Thanks for stopping by today!

pve design said...

Did your ship come in!
Whimsical Chandelier, would bring a smile to my face in a beach house! Love it!

My Notting Hill said...

What a fun chandelier - lovely slipcovers too.

columnist said...

Agree with all your previous posters....such a quirky chandelier, and a bit of quirkiness adds fun and charm to any design, (as long as it's not overdone).