Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Appropriately Aged"

Designer Lynn Sears, creates a Dallas standout two years in the making that looks as if it stood there a century or more. When in fact the house is brand new. The home was recently featured in the Better Homes and Gardens special interest publication Beautiful Homes Spring 2008 in a story by Denise Gee.
The finely crafted home is spectacular. Old and new simultaniously. Smart, elegant, and warm altogether with and individuality you may not always see.

Pallatially grand central corridor with fantastic trompe l'oeil ceiling.

Photography by Gustav Schmiege

Gorgeous english arm sofa in the living room. Interesting beam treatment of the ceiling. Actually all the ceilings in this home are special. The kitchen and wine cellar are as well.

Charming dining room using reclaimed wood and embroidered fabric on the walls is a mix of rustic and elegance, beautifully crafted.

Breathtaking mosaic backsplash designed by Lynn Sears.

The article is full of more lovely pictures from this home. In fact the entire magazine is full of great features. I recommend it!


pve design said...

looks like it has been there for ages!
love that mosaic back splash!

LondonCalling said...

PVE-Isn't the mosaic great! I want to figure out how to develop a design and do one for the little arched niche on the fireplace.

Cote de Texas said...

I SAW that house!! I loved that kitchen with the mosiac walls - what an extravagance. London (love your name, love the Clash) - thanks so much for your kind comments.

Bayou Contessa said...

What a feast for the eyes! I love the chandeliers in the central corridor. The attention to detail in this home is incredible.

Mike said...

I love the flower pattern on the walls.