Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Favorite" Stove

Found this 1930's Favorite Stove on Ebay and then again on Craigslist. We were planning to add a shiny new commercial style range to our kitchen in the remodel. But I find this period stove oh so charming and tempting. It has two ovens which is a plus as well. Aesthetically it is perfect but I don't know how hard they are to cook on.
So for a kitchen remodel update we finally made a decision on the great farmhouse sink debate. We chose the white farmhouse sink from Ikea over the hammered nickel. Thanks for all your input. It is beautiful, classic, easier to clean and easy on the wallet.

One thing about the process taking some time is that it gives you an opportunity to tweak the original plan a bit. We decided to forgo the black granite in favor of some white carrera marble. It is more in keeping with the period of the house and should help make the small 1920's kitchen feel just a little larger.

above and below :Photos by Jose Picayo via House Beautiful.

And we will be sticking with white subway tile on the back splash. The kitchen will be basically white now with buttery yellow walls, original glass fronted cabinets on the top. Our new kitchen will have green accents as well. As it turns out we both have a set of green and white dishes. His - moss green wedgewood. Hers - deruta gallo verde. Shown below.

So what do you think? Should I make an offer on the vintage green 1930's Favorite Stove or stick with the new and shiny stainless commercial type planned? Thanks in advance for your opinion!


Liz said...

White carrera marble? That's it. I'm jealous! :)

Diana said...

stove is awesome!

My Notting Hill said...

Love that you're going w/the white carerra over the black granite. I found an interesting site - - looks like they have alot of experience and might be willing to dispense some advice/opinion

LondonCalling said...

NottingHill- Thanks for the website. It looks informative. I'm excited about the carrera too!

Diana - Thank you.

Liz- By the time you put in the new huge double sink. There is just not a lot of counter left. So its not such a splurge.

annechovie said...

White subway tile for the backsplash is such a great choice! You will never tire of it!

Linda said...

I know nothing about that type of stove but I sure do like how it looks.

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

I just go mad for that white kitchen. Stunning indeed!!
Love your blog!So interesting!
I'll follow you gladly!

Olga Berman said...

Absolutely love your kitchen! Mine is a size of a matchbox, so I'm completely envious :)

pve design said...

oven envy. love the color. love that you went with the white sink. carrera makes my heart beat a bit faster and that oven, heart attack!
go for it!
go to simply seleta blog and see the kitchen post!!

Lisa Wilson (& Alfie!) at The Pickled Hutch said...

Thanks for visiting. I love the carrera, its classic especially next to the subway tiles. You are showing some gorgeous pix here!
Lisa & Alfie

katiedid said...

Hi London!
Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I did not get the original..I wish I had.:)

I love your blog and we have alot in common: I am just completing a kitchen remodel for my 1911 house. I also used white carrera and love it. I used honed so I wouldn't have to worry quite so much about scratches. I love this stove your found. Very beautiful!

Wishing you the best with your remodel!

I am linking you to my blogroll so I remember to visit!

Teacats said...

Love your kitchen choices -- bright, light and fresh -- and easy to change color accents for any season -- or a party! I vote for a new stainless stove with a couple of ovens. We have a white one from Jennair in our very white kitchen -- and it works in nicely!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

oooo, squealing with happiness here. Love this post! Your blog is lovely too!

Happy weekend, thanks for coming by my blog this week!


Linderhof said...

I have white marble countertop and I love it -- but mine is tile -- couldn't afford the slab.

I love that stove -- it has so much more character than a new one.

Kari & Kijsa said...

love the white marble...and the fabulous farmhouse sink!!

kari & kijsa

emily@designsmack said...

I love this stove! Just a cool idea!

enc said...

OH, that stove. How beautiful!

Alkemie said...

Either stove would look absolutely wonderful! I love farmhouse sinks and I agree with Anne that subway tile is a great way to go. I very much look forward to what your kitchen will look like! How exciting!


Marilyn said...

The stove is amazing - I came close to getting one like it, and yours will be gorgeous with the white marble and the sink. Such beautiful choices, and you'll love living with all of those materials. They feel great.

Pigtown-Design said...

We used to have an old one like this, but we used it for storage in the kitchen.

Cote de Texas said...

I redoing with white carrara marble too - got the quote. just need to DO it!!! love it so much. but - do the new stove. the old one would look better with the black granite, maybe??? that's my opinion. you asked for it!!! I know I'm outvoted here, but I don't know, I just love the look of a new store or an aga!!!
thanks for the comment, btw.

Anonymous said...