Sunday, January 20, 2008

Carmel's Storybook Tudors

Photography by Roger Davies via Cottage Living

Cottage Living is running a charming story in their Jan/Feb 2008 issue by David Hanson featuring the little known architect Hugh Comstock and an array of images from Carmel, California. With no formal training Hugh created around 20 of the little jewels. He began building them shortly after visiting and falling in love first with the area and then with Mayotta Brown his future wife. In fact the first of the cottages the Hansel (pictured above), was made for his wife as a home for the dolls she crafted. Made by hand from a pine needle and plaster mix they seem like something from a fairy tale.

Special kudos to the Cottage Living website. makes their ENTIRE issue available online for their subscribers and newstand readers. Totally the wave of the future. Impressive.

Photography by Roger Davis via Cottage Living


Anonymous said...

....and you said you wish our bungalow had a little more space, eh? We could build a couple "Doll Houses" out back and I could have one as my "Dog House". HIM

design dna said...

that last one is too cute! i want mine on the ocean in maine.

pinkstilettos said...

i am in love with hugh comstock's magical homes. I went to carmel once when I was about 17 or 18 and didnt really appreciate it then but now I cant get enough. If you know any other great websites about his homes or even a gallery please let me know.I am about to do an post about him on my blog!

MaryK said...

Hi London Calling!

I too am a fan of anything British. My daughter and I visited London last year and I didn't want to leave! Just recently I was waiting on a friend at his dentist's office and just happened to pick up the Jan/Feb 08 issue of Cottage Living. As soon as I saw the houses I knew I had to know more about Hugh Comstock. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find much about him or his magical little cottages. I would love to view more pics of the cottages!